Posted by: Susanne Cannon | July 30, 2010

Travel to Shanghai–July 14

By the time we got our luggage there wasn’t enough time to get to the hotel and check in, so we went to Jinmao Tower, Adrian Smith’s masterpiece and the home of the Grand  Hyatt. Ate in the food court of the adjoining office  building and then headed for the Hyatt. Very gracious reception, including sweets and drinks. Had a tour of the property including the amazing beehive-like atrium. Students paid no attention to the instructions not to hold their cameras over the edge of the balcony. Made me cross and queasy!  Gorgeous place and an interesting lecture on the Hyatt way of doing things.

Finished up the day at the Shanghai South Bund Spinning Market, where the group that came with me ordered up suits and shirts. Then when we went to the hotel we gathered up our luggage, checked in quickly and changed for dinner at 1221. Absolutely wonderful dinner. Lots of expats in the crowd, and we had our own private room with a round table that seated 15. Margaret McFarland had to head back to Maryland for a meeting and we will see her in 4 days.


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