Posted by: Susanne Cannon | July 30, 2010

Suzhou July 20

Disappointed that several students opted out.

But those of us who went had a good day. A longer drive than anticipated, then horribly  hot at the Humble Administrator’s Garden. Not the one I had seen before. That one was the garden of the Master of Nets. It was more a mansion set in courtyard gardens. This one is a vast garden with some pavillions. Really lovely, but way too hot. Then the lunch place was at least a half hour drive away and when we finished that it was another drive to the Silk Factory. That was a big hit with everyone, although they didn’t spend like I did. I found some fabric to match the silk duvet cover from the last trip, plus some lovely scarves, and then these incredible silk garments for the little girls. Can’t wait to deck them out for the holidays.

After the silk factory we went to Walmarts, where I bought much better kites than I had found in the marketplace, and where we saw tanks of live fish and seafood. Not your usual Walmart from home.

We had to skip the visit to the pearl market in Weitang, but I think everyone has bought all the pearls they want. We also tried to take the fast train back into Shanghai but it was sold out. Had to do the bus trip. Not so bad, but we wish we had been on the train.


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