Posted by: Susanne Cannon | July 30, 2010

Jia Xing and Xi Tang– July 17

A long and exhausting day. Tong Ji University had a formal open-square table for our two delegations. They even had a big banner erected at the university entrance and one inside our meeting room. I had to be the leader and to respond to their description of their university and its programs. Did the best I could to discuss both universities. Then we went to a massive conference hall where we met with a 9 person delegation of planners and developers to have discussion of preservation and development and entitlements. WOW. Microphones, name plates, two translators, lots of protocol. Went on much longer than planned because we couldn’t insult them.  Finally left about 130pm and raced up to XiTang for lunch and a walkabout of the town made famous by Tom Cruise in MI3. Lunch was a bit rough, the whole place is grimy, the temperature had to be in the 90s, and one girl got separated and feared she was lost. A fascinating day, nevertheless.

Finished up with dinner at a little French place I found in the French Concession. Quite good food at an excellent price. Success! I finished up the night with a massage at DragonFly. What an experience. What a place that you can go to at midnight to get foot massage!


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