Posted by: Susanne Cannon | July 9, 2010

Yesterday began with the sound of a work crew outside my hotel window.The scene was just like Kuwait: a modern office building right nt to a cluster of older hsops, and workers uloading odds and ends of building materials, some of it carried in on a bicycle . I ahve been trying to upload photos, but  the computer keeps freezing up. Maybe later.

Breakfast is a big buffet, not as lavish as the one two years ago in Shanghai, but not far off. Japanese, Chinese, ad European sections, plus an omelet bar.

Did a  bit of a walk in the neighborhood before lunch with Margaret’s friend Lianne Li, who heads up a digital media firm. There is a nearby hutong, one of very few being preserved, and we are right in the midst of  shopping strip and  about a block from a multistory mall featuring Gucci, Kiton, Bottega Veneta, etc. Dinner was  on the fifth floor in a branch of the famous Da Dong restaurant, where we had Peking duck and an amazing array of other dishes, finishing up with deep fried apples and spun sugar. With any luck I can upload pictures of all of this later!


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