Posted by: Susanne Cannon | July 3, 2010

Hello world!

Only a week ’til we meet for dinner at Da Dong in Beijing.  There are several restaurants that compete for the reputation of best Peking Duck, and Da Dong is one of them. By the way, most people call it Peking Duck and Peking University, but everything else is Beijing. Here is a NYTimes review from their “36 Hours in Beijing” article:

We will actually be eating at a different location, very close to our hotel. Here is a review from a foodie living in Beijing:

Of course you may not be able to read the Times article when you are in China. I found this intriguing discussion of censorship in my husband’s alumni magazine California.



  1. Dr. Cannon,

    I am looking forward to Da Dong as well. I hope you have a safe flight and look forward to seeing you soon…


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